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War of Civilizations

3-6 Players | 60-90 Mins | 14 + age

War of Civilizations is a fast-paced 4x strategy board game. Players take on the role of Clan Leaders and compete to gain mystical powers, acquire resources, and build powerful war fleets to conquer lands and defeat rival clans.

Biomes of Nilgiris Puzzle

30-60 mins | 14 + age

Explore the Mystical Nilgiris:100-Piece Puzzle (Series 1)

Welcome to the breathtaking Nilgiri Biosphere! Embark on a visual journey through this captivating landscape with our 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. This original artwork encapsulates the diverse biomes and natural wonders of the Nilgiris, inviting you to piece together its beauty.

Biomes of Nilgiris Board Game

2-4 Player | 60-90 Mins | 14+ age

Biomes of Nilgiris takes you on a journey into India's top biodiversityhotspot: the Nilgiris biosphere, a surreal landscape with vibrant and uniqueflora and fauna. Take on the role nature lovers, citizen scientists,photographers, and more, with the goal of discovering new species, resolvingecological issues, completing conservation missions, and be rewarded with themost Ecology Points.