Shelly Sinha Founder & Game Designer of Bluencore

My journey into game development began with the heartwarming collaboration on 'War of Civilizations' (WOC), a 4X strategy board game, with my 14-year-old son. This collaboration, born out of a desire to strengthen our mother-son bond, evolved into BluEncore Studio, a full-fledged Indie Game Studio specializing in creating captivating board games for families and adults.

My mission is to craft immersive board games that not only entertain but also foster awareness and meaningful connections to critical global issues. My creative vision involves weaving narratives that serve as a potent force for change. I envision each game as a thematic masterpiece, immersing players in rich contextual environments and compelling narratives. In this pursuit, I see board games as more than mere entertainment; they are a powerful medium for change, capable of uniting people in meaningful interactions and touching the lives of countless consumers. I aspire to narrate impactful stories that transcend entertainment, focusing on high-context environments to bring about a positive change in global perspectives. In the vast landscape of the hobby, game, and entertainment industry, I see an opportunity to make a difference.

The upcoming release of "Biomes of Nilgiris" marks the beginning of a series of games designed to educate and raise awareness about biodiversity and conservation across various ecosystems in India. I envision our board games as catalysts for change, leveraging their unique power to drive awareness and behavioral change & contributing to cultural appreciation and community building

I take immense pride in being the sole Indian woman entrepreneur to have showcased my work on esteemed global platforms such as SPIEL Germany, Kickstarter, UKGE Birmingham & GenCon USA. These invaluable opportunities have not only elevated the profile of my studio but also highlighted the immense potential of indie game developers from regions that are often underrepresented in the industry.

The creation of Bluencore Studio has been a labor of love for me, driven by my unwavering passion for board games and the ambition to craft unforgettable player experiences. Previously I have been in a corporate career in the field of marketing & brand management, Bluencore Studio however is where I've discovered my true calling—nurturing artistic ideas into meaningful gameplay experiences. That's our small way of making a difference!