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A power-packed shopping and art experience.


A power-packed shopping and art experience. Learn a fascinating new art at our Experiential Workshop and indulge in our curated range of handcrafted products, right from apparel to home decor.

Discover all things sustainable, beautiful and homegrown. 

We work exclusively with SME’s and individuals to support the local economy and to generate more unique ideas that you won’t typically find in monotonous big-box brands. Working with people in a more niche industry helps us to provide new opportunities and brings us another step closer to making a difference and transforming lives

From sustainable and eventful shopping to immersive cultural experiences, we aim to give you a joyful evening every weekend! Come, see us at The Bungalow Edit and stay tuned for more updates! 


For registrations call: 9702004532 / 8928454830
Address: Nanjapa Bungalow, 68, Pipeline Rd, Vakola, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400055