How was "War of Civilizations" born….

The story of the game starts way back in the year 2019. My son Aditya, then 14 years old, was heavily into board games and in particular strategy board games & yes in every game unmistakably he would beat us black and blue, somehow his strategic thinking would outperform most of his peers & even adults twice his age. It was at that time when he was pursuing his 9th grade and also leading a board game club in his school with great zest. Aditya penned down the story of WOC.

How do board games help in developing skills and crucial life skills?.

When we talk about the value of play, we frequently equate it with children and academics. There is a great deal of research that illustrates how beneficial play can be in helping children learn and retain knowledge. However, the advantages of play are not restricted to childhood. Adults require access as well, and board games are a terrific way to acquire it.As a result, we can experience less stress, more well-being, and general enjoyment.