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Retailer Outreach Program

Bluencore’s Retailer Outreach Program combines the benefits you know and love into a single stop and gives you priority status. The benefits include:

Guaranteed product

Promos when available

Priority Retailer Status

Included on our Store Locator


Are you a large retailer with needs that exceed the scope of this program? Please contact us at  We would love to help!



Use the link above to reach the sign up form.

Fill out the requested details

Select your preferred distributor

Select the number of cases of each product you would like to have sent to you by default


We will:

Verify you are a brick and mortar store

Process your retailer premium account and send you instruction on what to do next

What happens behind the scenes

Product solicitation:

Every product solicit moving forward will include any Retail Outreach Program details in the solicitation

Processing date - The date the “snapshot” of the list of stores signed up at that point will be taken for that product - 2 months out

Any promos that will be included


2 months prior to launch:

We will take a snapshot of the Priority Retail Stores and what they have been signed up for

This snapshot will be sent to your preferred distributor and the orders will be confirmed/added to your pre-orders

While we expect everything to run as smoothly as other programs in the past, we recommend confirming final orders with your distributor as a best practice

Your store will be guaranteed the quantity of the product selected at signup

Your store will also be designated the proper quantity of any promos attached to that product

Not all games will come with promos. Normally we do not make promos for all products. Most promos that are made will come in the form of add-ons or micro expansions when available.


1 months prior to launch:

Product and promos will be invoiced and shipped to your distributor


Launch date:

Prior to the early brick and mortar launch date, your product should arrive and be ready to stock your shelves!

Enjoy selling the wonderful new addition to our product lineup!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at