Organic Plant Booster (Panchgavya)



Energy drink for your plants.

Quantity- 1ltr.




“Panchgavya” is an organic product which acts as an immunity booster and growth promoter for plants. “Panchya” means five; “Gavya” means Cow. It is a mixture of five Desi Cows products which are fermented for 18 days along with four natural products. Panchgavya is advocated by the treasure house of ancient wisdom: “Vrikshayurveda” and is fine tuned for maximum efficacy in all soils types, crops and climatic conditions.

It is a 100 % natural concoction which can be safely administered on any farm crops, home garden, vegetable plants, flowers or fruit trees.


  1. Leaf: Plants sprayed with Panchagavya produce bigger leaves and develop a dense canopy.
  2. Stem:The plant trunk produces sturdier side shoots with strong branches.
  3. Roots: The plant rooting is profuse, deep and dense.
  4. Yield:The harvest is advanced by 15 days. Panchgavya enhances the taste, shelf life and fragrance of vegetables, flowers, fruits and grains.
  5. Drought Hardiness:A thin oily film is formed on the leaves and stems which reduces the water evaporation thereby, reducing the water consumption by 30%. Plants can withstand longer periods of dry.
  6. Physio-Chemical-Biological Properties-Panchgavya contains essential macro nutrients like N.P.K. 13 Vitamins, Amino acids, beneficial microorganisms like Azatobacter, Phospho bacteria, Pseudomonas, useful fungi and Actinomycetes necessary for plant growth.
  7. Economical and Natural-Panchgavya replaces costly chemical based inputs and the produce is also 100% natural, nourishing and wholesome.


Desi Cows Gomay,  Desi Cows Gomutra, Desi Cows Ghee, Desi Cow’s Milk, Desi Cows Curds, Bananas, Jaggery, Coconut water, Toddy, Sugarcane juice.


* SPRAY SYSTEM– Mix 300 ml in 10 Liters of Water.

* FLOW SYSTEM- Mix 20 Liters per acre through drip or flow irrigation.

* SEED/SEEDLING TREATMENT-3 % of Panchgavya solution can be used to drench the seeds, soak or dip the seedlings for 30 minutes before planting.

* SEED STORAGE-3% solution can be used to dip the seeds before drying and storing them.

Recommended once in a month. Best for 6 months from the date of packaging.