Dhoop Sticks


Dhoop Stick

Mini Hawan

Pack of 30 sticks


Our Dhoop sticks are a natural product that will remind you of your childhood days when every Indian home had a routine of burning loham, camphor, cow dung cakes or incense on lighted charcoal in the evening. It was believed that this ritual would usher inauspiciousness, wade of mosquitoes, and uplift our senses with positivity just before the darkness set in.

These Dhoop- Sticks are hand-made, fragile but not waterproof and its lighting places the skills of conducting a mini-havan in your very own hands. The natural ingredients used in these sticks are the same as “Havan-Aahuti”.

Dhoop is ideally burnt at sun-set to cleanse the air at home, especially recommended for homes that are shut through the day. It helps drives away mosquitoes and bad odors. The purifying and antiseptic properties of desi cow dung induce the healing effect of the yagna. Its lighting brings in serenity and comforts the insomnia sufferers. With one packet of 30 sticks, you can do a Mini-Havan at home/office daily for a month.

Ingredients: – Desi Cow-Dung, Desi Cow Ghee, Coconut Oil, Rice, and Bhimseni Kapur.

The above ingredients are mixed and filled in a mold. The sticks formed are then sun-baked for 3-4 days. No chemicals, powders, artificial fragrance or additives are used.


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