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How was"War of Civilizations"born...

Young Aditya playing the game ‘Origin’ .. Literally the origin of a beautiful journey…

The story of the game starts way back in the year 2019. My son Aditya, then 14 years old, was heavily into board games and in particular strategy board games & yes in every game unmistakably he would beat us black and blue, somehow his strategic thinking would outperform most of his peers & even adults twice his age. 

It was at that time when he was pursuing his 9th grade and also leading a board game club in his school with great zest. Aditya penned down the story of WOC.

This simple exercise that started as a modest effort to strengthen the mother and son bond soon became a relentless passion.  We had always been a board game family but this time around we were absolutely delighted to be part of the journey from the other side, the wonderful journey of creation! 

“Welcome to earth 2050 where the crystal called the ocean crystal has been discovered and it is found in helium water, wars have been fought for this resource but because of climate change huge continents have shrunk to the size of islands and you are a leader of one of these islands.  Helium water is found now on earth because of global warming and increased pressure in the atmosphere such as in other planets. Resources such as aluminum wood have been found because of climate change trees adapted and combined to aluminum for survival. You have set out to conquer the island of myth which is mentioned in legends that contains enough of this resource to last forever, you must conquer islands to gather resources and build armies. While you look for this island natural calamities occur such as tornadoes in the seas that destroy your ships and some of your islands sink because of a tsunami. There are pirates raiding your island and ships while you raid other players. Every seven days a natural disaster occurs!”

 This was the first unedited version of the war of civilizations, which we soon evolved into a full game design document with clear references of characters, game elements with actions, rules, strategy, what to do, and what not to do


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